At LottoWorldGroup we work hard to deliver you the most convenient Payment Methods, to make your online Lottery experience as secure as possible.

Therefore, we have created this page, to guide you through all the Payment Methods descriptions till you find the one that suits you more to purchase online your favorite lottery tickets.

All your payment details will be encrypted under Geotrust 128 SSL bit security and accessible to you privately with your own username and password only.

Please note: transactions from will appear under the name of our payment processor provider: on your credit card or payment method statement. Whatever doubts you may have regarding your purchased tickets, or if you don’t find a Payment Method that suits you, we cordially recommend you to contact our Customer Support Team, and you will be assisted as quickly as possible.

How to Make a Deposit

After you have registered to LottoWorldGroup (Sign Up here if you still aren’t one, please), all you have to do is follow the instructions below step by step:

It is important to highlight that you can make your deposit in the dollar currency in the meantime.

Option 1 –Deposit when you play.

1. Login
2. Choose your favorite lottery
3. Select your lucky numbers and click ‘Proceed’.
4. Inside the Checkout Page, you will be able to choose the Payment Method that suits you best from the drop down menu.
5. Click the ‘Proceed’ button.

*** The minimum deposit amount you can make in a Bank Transfer is US$100/€80/£70. Please contact our Customer Support Team to prosecute a Bank Transfer.

Option 2 – Deposit funds directly into your account

1. In the ‘My Account’ page select the Deposit Button and go directly to the Checkout page.
2. Select a Deposit Method from the drop down menu. Next, enter the amount you wish to deposit. Hit the ‘Deposit’ button.
3. Once you’ve confirmed the transaction details on the Deposit Confirmation page, click the ‘Proceed’ button again.

*** The minimum deposit amount you can make in a Bank Transfer is US$100/€80/£70.

Please contact our Customer Support Team to prosecute a Bank Transfer.

How to handle your cash out

1. Sign in/ Login to  LottoWorldGroup

2. Click “My Account”

3. Choose “Cash Out Request”

4. Select one of the options from the range of Payment Methods and define the amount you wish to withdrawal (if you decide to cash out throughout a new Payment Method, you should first include the information in the section My Account and later you will be able to request your cash out with this specific Payment Method).

5. Press the Cash Out button

If you wish to withdrawal US$ 100 or more, you will be requested to present the following identification documents:

Photographic identification: passport, driving license, or any other identification document that includes a photograph

Credit Card identification (if applicable): A front and back picture of the credit card used in your LottoWorldGroup account

Address confirmation: An invoice of any kind of service that confirms your location and address.

International Credit Cards

If you wish to make a Deposit or Cash Out throughout a Credit Card, please follow these simple steps:

1. Sign in/ Login to LottoWorldGroup

2. Click “My Account” and later “Balance”

3. Click on the options ‘Deposit/’Cash Out’

4. Select an alternative from the range of Credit Cards available and define the amount you wish to deposit/withdraw

(If you wish to deposit with a new Credit Card, you should first write the data of this specific Card in the section My Account and later request your deposit)

5. Press the button ‘Deposit/’Cash Out’

The cash withdrawals are only possible with a Credit Card that has been previously used in LottoWorldGroup site.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Credit Card Companies, the withdrawals may only be accomplished with Visa Credit Cards only.

Bank Transfer

If you choose the option of a Bank Transfer in order to make a deposit, you should know there is a minimum amount of with a US$100/€80/£70.

Please contact our Customer Support Team to fulfill a Bank Transfer.

For your information:

LottoWorldGroup will credit in your personal account your requested transferred amount, after deducing the corresponding fees.

Furthermore you will receive a Bonus of 5% of the transferred amount. Please consider that the bank transfer takes 3 to 10 working days If you choose to cashout your winning with a bank transfer, please follow these steps:

1.     Login/Sign Up to LottoWorldGroup

2.     Go to the My Account page and choose the tab Balance

3.     Click  the option “Cash Out”

4.     Select the Bank Transfer option from the drop down menu and write the amount that you want to withdraw

5.     Complete your Bank details

6.     Click on Cash Out and follow the instruction on your screen

(*) The availability of the minimum amount available to cash out, and the fee to withdraw the money, depends solely on your country/continent:

Europe, Australia, South America  $ 2,5;

Canada, Asia $ 10;

Central America, Africa and USA. $ 50