Italy – SuperEnalotto Information

The SuperEnaLotto is one of the lotteries in which the tickets are officially handled by Icelotto. The prizes have since been always attractive with its unlimited number of roll overs especially for the jackpot prize. With its generous prizes, Italy has become an important contributor to Europe’s unique lottery tourism.

Hosted In Schedule Guess Range Jackpot Type Tax Requirements
Italy Tuesday 20:00
Thursday 20:00
Saturday 20:00
6/90 Cash About 6.00%

Prize Breakdown

Lottery Starts From: € 1,300,000
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*The overall odds of winning any prize in the game are approximately 1 in 318.



SuperEnalotto is an Italian lottery that is owned by a private company, SISAL. But with LWG, you don’t have to be in Italy to play this exciting lottery! You can access the lottery with just the click of a button and be in the running to win millions! The lottery is drawn Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights.


The SuperEnalotto was established in 1997. It was a modification of the 1950’s Italian lottery that went by the name of Enalotto.


SuperEnalotto is a 6 from 90 lottery. That means that players must choose 6 numbers from 1 to 90. When the numbers are drawn, an extra ‘Jolly’ number is drawn along with the main 6. If players have that number on their card, along with 5 of the main numbers, they win the second tier prize.

For an extra fee, players can purchase a SuperStar number. This number is drawn separately and therefore can be the same as one of the main numbers. Choosing to purchase this number gives you the chance to win in one of 8 extra prize tiers, compared to the main games 5 tier breakdown.


LWG makes it easy to play your favorite lotteries, and SuperEnalotto is no exception to the rule. Just click PLAY on SuperEnalotto’s NEXT DRAW. Then select your 6 numbers on up to 5 lines. To increase your chances of winning, you can select MORE LINES, for up to ten lines. Why not try entering more than one draw to further increase your likelihood of hitting the jackpot. When you purchase up to 100 draws with LWG, you also receive discounts on your ticket prices.


The draws for SuperEnalotto are held three nights a week at 8pm Central European Time. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights you could win the massive jackpot, just by entering your ticket in the SuperEnalotto with LWG.


The SuperEnalotto minimum jackpot is €1.3 million, but there have been some huge jackpot wins in the history of the game. In fact, SuperEnalotto boasts some of the highest jackpots around. Due to its rollover rule, the SuperEnalotto rolls over for as long as it takes for someone to win the jackpot. This happened in October 2010 when, after 8 months of rollovers, one single player won an incredible €177.8 million!


While many people like to choose their lottery numbers based on important family events such as birthdays or anniversaries, these numbers do not have any statistically based likelihood of being drawn. Having the computer randomly pick your numbers for you, by clicking QUICK PICK ALL gives you a statistically better chance of winning in SuperEnalotto. If you still wish to choose your own numbers, there are many ways of doing this that will increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.


There are quite a few numbers to take into account when picking yours for the SuperEnalotto. First of all are there are the most frequently drawn numbers. Throwing some of them into your mix will surely give you a better chance of winning. The numbers 1 and 90 share the stage as being the most often drawn SuperEnalotto numbers. Each of them has been drawn 179 times. Other extremely frequent numbers include 88 (drawn 177 times), 85 (drawn 176 times), 82 (drawn 175 times), and 55 (drawn 174 times). Numbers to avoid are those that are drawn with the least frequency. 60 is the least drawn number of all in SuperEnalotto. It has only been drawn 124 times. Following close on its heels is the number 59, which has been drawn 129 times, and 9, which has been drawn 130 times. 18 has been drawn 131 times, while 28 has been drawn 132 times. The number 50 has been drawn 133 times.

Keep an eye out for overdue numbers. These are numbers that have not been drawn for a long while. Statistically, a number cannot stay out a draw forever, and so these numbers are worth adding to your ticket on the chance that the next draw may just be the one in which they make their return. Number 34 was last drawn on 18th November 2014, and number 17 was drawn on the 25th November 2014. Other overdue numbers include those drawn last in December 2014: 65 (4th December), 70 (13th December), 35 (16th December) and 55 (23rd December).

Considering the most commonly drawn pairs, as well as the most commonly drawn consecutive pairs can also help. The most common pairs are 19 and 89; 28 and 57; 74 and 87; 75 and 79, which have all been drawn together 19 times. 1 and 70 have been drawn together 18 times. The most common consecutive pairs are 62 and 63; 61 and 62; 3 and 4; 80 and 81; and 69 and 70.